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Primary Military Specialty: Assassin

ths took a long time 2 write

Life is really weird you know? Our trials and tribulations that make us who we are. No one ever said a long distance relationship would be easy; and of course it isn't. Sometimes I just can't help but feel like I play such a small role in her day-to-day life :( Liek if she's sick I can't be there to make her soup. If she needs a hug I can't give her one. The whole psychical side of our relationship is non existent. It hurts sometimes. Like today her cell phone must of been at the bottom of her purse because it called me and no one was there, but then I could hear the background noise of her at her friends party talking about meeting Drew Carry last night. After I figured out what had happened I hung up not wanting to pry but the whole thing kinda left me in this haze. It was weird listening to Siera living her life, at this party, talking to people, then I realized just how much we really do miss out on each others lives. So I go outside to think, and I'm skating down this pitch black sidewalks while people are off getting ready for bed, (best time to think) thinking about how it all started, where its going, and how it might end. In the end I decided this:

"All you need is love." ... and that I know I have for her.

The distance, the hardships, everything all counts for something. Living thousands of miles away from this girl who has my heart might possible the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But theres a reason you'll endure hard things. Sometimes I have this dream about how it'll be a year from now, it makes me smile, I look over my shoulder and there she is :)

Enough rambling I'm starting the countdown: 16
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